Monday, January 9, 2012

Cupcakes and CA$H!

Hello Again! Does everyone else feel the January is flying right by? I sure do!

So last weekend at the 'Hurst the Student Activities Council put on two sweeeet events. 

Friday night we had a Roommate Game Show. If roomies knew the answer to various questions about their roommate they had a chance to win $150 cash! Some of the questions were:
   - What color are their eyes?
The super excited winners of Cupcake Wars!
   - What's the strangest habit your roomie had?
   - What reality show would they be on?
Some of them were really tough! But it was hilarious to hear what someone roommates had to share, and pretty funny when they even got answers wrong. 

On Saturday night SAC hosted a Cupcake War! If you're familiar with the tv show, it was kind of similar to that. Twelve teams competed against the clock to prove their tasty treats were supreme. Winners received a snazzy certificate and, again, a cash prize!

Next weekend SAC will have a co-sponsored event with the Honors Society, Are You Smarter Than A Professor (students are actually going to compete with Mercyhurst Profs!) and a Glow-in-the-Dark Volleyball match! 

I'll let you all know how those go next week, but until then... Stay warm!


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