Sunday, March 11, 2012

Music, Movies, and Mercy

Hello! It's been some time since I last posted. A lot has happened since then, SAC had their classic Food for Finals (the special food was Taco Bell tacos)! Mercyhurst University enjoyed their Spring Break, and we just got through our first week of classes of Spring Term.

To end the first week back, SAC a few easy-going events for students to attend. On Friday night, SAC hosted a Coffee House featuring Nelly's Echo (check him out on the right). He had a really great voice, and was funny! He played well off of the audience and mingled around before and after his performance. Along with his cool beats, SAC served some hot treats. We had coffee, tea, cookies, and cakes. It was a great way to spend a chill Friday night after a seemingly endless week of classes!
On Saturday night, SAC showed the movie The Help in our Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. Although it wasn't the newest release we could have brought to campus, students seemed to really enjoyed the film because it was deemed the summer reading for this year's incoming freshman and it was a nice way to tie in our Mercy heritage. A little FYI about the month of March at Mercyhurst: it is officially named Mercy Month and SAC believes that The Helped paired extremely well with the overlying theme for the month. Students, faculty, and the community around campus strive to improve the lives around us during this month each and every year. March honors the history and the mission of the University by encouraging attendance to a variety of service opportunities throughout the month. Another way that SAC is giving back during Mercy Month is our Annual Spring Charity Ball that will occur in two weeks! I'll post more about it then, but until next time, make sure to get out in this beautiful weather we are having at the 'Hurst.

P.S. Next weekend is St. Patrick's Day, and since Mercyhurst is an Irish Catholic Institution, I'll of course be giving you the scoop on all of the festive fun happening around campus!

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