Monday, April 16, 2012

Bingo and Mystery and Prizes, OH MY!

What a world wind of events have been going on since I've last posted!

Let me start off by bragging a little, as you know, I am currently the Student Activities Council Chair. This means I over see a board of 10 students and help put on events every weekend. But as the year comes closer, and closer to an end positions are changing. I applied for the Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) Events Coordinator position, and I got it!

I'll still have some of the same responsibilities, like co-planning Hurst Fest, Spring Fest (which is 18 days away!!!), and all the dances, but I'll also get to organize Mercyhurst's annual Homecoming and Distinguished Speakers Series. I'm so excited! I'll continue to blog right here, but my gears will be shifting as I start in the new position... Still events, just the other side of our student organizations.

Representing the 'Burgh with some of these prizes!
But, until then, I have to tell you about this past weekend. Our Laker Spirit Club hosted a summer time themed booth at a home men's lacrosse game. We had Rita's Italian Ice by the bucket-fulls, leis, and beach balls. It was fun to see the crowd getting pumped in the stands, until it started to rain. But all in all, it was a great show of MU Laker Spirit!

Friday night SAC presented a "Rep Yo Hood" Bingo. It sounds crazy, I know, but tons of kids showed up to win hometown prizes like, Buffalo Wild Wing Sauce, and Primanti Bro.'s gift cards (that's from Pittsburgh, ;) my own hood). We had so many random things for prizes and it was funny to watch Lakers fight over them, like an American flag, or Welch's jelly (did you know Welch's farms are located in North East/Erie?). No matter what the theme of the bingo, the mix of free food and/or competition really seems to draw a big crowd here.

Me, acting a little silly with the iPad tickets...
Then on Saturday night, SAC got a little fancy and had a Murder Mystery Dinner! We had 160 students make reservations for a night of fun, laughter, an Italian style dinner, all with a little mystery. The theme of this particular murder mystery was "Very Desperate Housewives" so naturally, all the girls on SAC wore our cute dresses, high heels, and pearl earrings! In addition to bragging rights, winners of the mystery won gift cards. SAC also held raffles for 10 $25 gift cards to places like the Olive Garden, Valerio's (an Erie favorite that catered this dinner), and the Millcreek Mall to name a few. Also, one lucky Laker won an iPad that we raffled off!

This past weekend was full of fun, bingos are always a win here, and we're even getting feedback that students would love to have a murder mystery dinner come back to campus again!

It's weekends like this where students are so into the events we put on that makes my job all worth the while. I love it!

Well, next weekend we have our annual Kids 'N Sibs weekend, where lots of Lakers bring up a sibling to show them what a good time at the 'Hurst is all about... Talk to you then :)


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