Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hello There!

I'm sorry it has been so long since I've posted to my blog. I've been busy with my time away from the 'Hurst. This summer I had so many adventures. For starters, I traveled with my Faculty Lead Study Abroad (FSAT – when you become a Laker, you'll get familiar with that term!) to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. It was an experience of a life time! Since this is a catch up blog, I think I'd do Europe more justice is I dedicate one of my next blogs to the trip versus cramming it in here. But enjoy a few of the pictures below.

Shortly after returning from my two week excursion to Europe, I celebrating a big birthday. I turned 21 in Las Vegas! It was wonderful, though not my first time there. The food was amazing, the shows, and the sites, it was a dazzling way to turn the big two-one. I went with my parents, my boyfriend Matt, and my roommate Andrea. If anyone is familiar with the show Pawn Stars, you'll enjoy this pic! They were filming the day I visited the shop and I saw the gang. So I just had to buy something as a souvenir... This is a two-dollar bill signed by all the stars – Ricky, Richard Sr., Big Hoss, and of course my favorite, Chumlee. So if you're a fan, be sure to watch for me somewhere on the third season if they happen to air the items I was there for. 

So if we fast forward through summer hang-out sessions and long hours of grocery store work, I found myself right back at the 'Hurst in Erie, PA. I had to come back a few weeks early due to Residence Life training. It's weird, I'm a senior living in sophomore area, because that is where I am an RA. I enjoy it though, I get to meet a lot of new people I would never probably have associated with.

Also during my weeks back, I was preparing for a bunch of Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) events before classes started up. Like our Service Day BBQ, the Upperclassmen BBQ, dances, speakers, and Hurst Fest – our homecoming festivities. MSG and SAC (Student Activities Council) are hosting their annual Fall Ball this Friday at 7 p.m. It's always a great time and it is sort of like Mercyhurst's version of a homecoming dance. There is going to be some great food this year, I picked a menu with Buffalo chicken dip, spinach artichoke dip, chicken kabobs, dessert shooters, and chocolate covered strawberries. Hopefully, the weather is beauuutiful, and it doesn't rain.

The next major thing MSG has going on is our Distinguished Speakers Series. This Monday night we are hosting MTV's Andrew Jenks. He is a filmmaker with a show on MTV about not judging a book by its cover and living in different situations. We are super excited to have him on campus, and I'll definitely have to blog about the event next week!

My final piece of update is Hurst Fest. As I mentioned, it is Mercyhurst's Homecoming tradition. This year Hurst Fest is Sat., Sept. 22nd, our football team will be playing Slippery Rock University. There is always a lot of hype about homecoming, so I can't wait to fill you in on the details. Another exciting factor of Hurst Fest 2012, is that I am actually on the ballot for Homecoming Queen! How exciting? I am so flattered that my friends and peers would think to nominate me... Voting started today, so fingers crossed... Maybe I'll score enough votes to be Queen? I'd love to have a crown!

Oh well, that is all I have for now... SO sorry that I haven't been blogging, I promise that will change. Get ready for my senior year at MU!


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