Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Finals 2012

Hello everyone!

It's that dreaded time of the year again, finals... Not much has been happening this past week at the 'Hurst. A lot of studious Lakers have been filling the library. Though the best part of this week is that we have three days of finals, and then we are on break for the Thanksgiving holiday!

My study material in the library computer lab
Most of my group papers are coming together, and I have been studying like crazy. I will be able to breathe so much easier once this term has ended.

I have a client in my Advertising Branding and Strategy class that we are presenting to, along with our final. We helped them create a name, logo, marketing campaign, and packaging design. I hope they'll love it! After the project is complete, and everything has been considered by the company, maybe I can show you what it is... but until then they've asked us to keep it on the down-low. That is something unique about the professors at Mercyhurst, they get random portfolio building projects like these for students to try and end up really exceeding.

Another monumental aspect of this past week is that I have completed my internship in the Marketing and PR Department. I finished my 200 hours, wrote my reflection paper, and had a wonderful experience. The department must have liked me too, because they offered me a part-time position to keep me around!

Well, that's all for now... Back to studying.
Thanks for reading :)

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