Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beer Sampling

Hello everyone and happy November!

This week I'm going to tell you about the beer sampling I put together for MSG. Sometimes organizations on campus get caught up in catching the younger crowd entering college to make the transition from home to college smoother. While that is awesome, and very important, MSG wanted to do something special for those upperclassmen who are 21+.

So what better thing to incorporate than beer? Now before you go off thinking that it was a kegger thrown by MSG, I must stress it was a SAMPLING, a small tasting of beers!

We opened up 50 spots for students who are 21+ to come out to taste a few of Erie's own local microbrews. We paired this sampling with the end of Oktoberfest and Alcohol Awareness Week. The Brewerie at Union Station, Lavery Brewing Company, and Erie Brewing Company were all in attendance for the sampling. They brought a variety of their unique and different beers that are brewed right here in Erie, Pa.

Beer Sampling with MSG in the Faculty Dining Room on campus

The students loved it and it was a blast, I am also planning a wine tasting in February in line with Valentine's Day!

Here's Drew and MU Professor
And here's a fun fact: Mercyhurst even has it's own brew! Senior Mercyhurst U. biology major Drew Spacht has brewed the first-ever Mercyhurst label – ‘Hurst Pale Ale, from hops grown at Mercyhurst's West campus farm. There are some videos on his process and a full article on Drew here. As a side note, it's even more interesting because as the marketing intern I saw his article get picked up by the AP News Wire, and Drew's story has been read all around the country, from New Jersey to San Fransisco!

That's all I have for now... have a wonderful week,

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