Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Best Time of the Year – for Marketing Majors!

Hello there and happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm a Pittsburgh girl, born and raised, and will always be cheering on the Steelers, Penguins and the Pirates no matter who they're playing against. Which makes me a little bummed out that I won't be rooting on my boys in the big game this evening... However, the Penguins did win today so that makes up for it a bit, I guess. 

 Even though my Steelers won't be in the game today, I'll still be watching. The marketing major in me loves, and I mean L-O-V-E-S Super Bowl commercials. At any point in the school year, advertising and branding strategy, consumer behavior and marketing management classes all have students tuning in to the medias around them, and analyzing a variety of advertising materials. 

 However, during the Super Bowl is a special time to be a marketing and communication student because all my classes the following Monday and Tuesday, we get to dissect and grade all the commercials. The Super Bowl is a hot time for marketers to score a commercial spot. Not only does it go for big bucks, it's one of the most watched shows of the year... It's almost as popular as the Victoria Secret's Fashion Show. 

During the Super Bowl, there is a highly specific demographic that marketers are able to segment. Having that information is golden in advertising. We also get to see how marketers appeal to us, whether it be through "slice-of-life" scenarios, serious settings, or America's favorite – humor with a pinch of sex appeal.

Some of my favorite commercials from Super Bowl 2012 are as follows:


I truly love my major, I love that the industry follows pop-culture, my major is something that is fresh and always changing. It makes time in the classroom a lot more fun and more hands on. I hope that if you find yourself at the 'Hurst someday, or anywhere else for that matter, that you'll find the area that you're just as passionate about too.

I'll be sure to post my favorites from Super Bowl 2013 next week.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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